6-second challenge - Webapp Design

Taipei, 2015 | @TarokoSoftware Inc.




In 2015 I worked at a company called TarokoSoftware. One of their products, resumegenius.com, is the second biggest online resume builder in America. The reason why we wanted to make this game is according to a famous study which said that hiring managers only take an average of six seconds to decide whether to keep or trash job seeker's resume. And there are many discussion on internet about the authenticity. We found this is a great topic for marketing. We decided to build a campaign website so that we can drive more traffic to our website. We got inspired from this "What speed do you read" game.



Design a campaign website.


My Role

I was the only designer of this project.


Design Process

Brainstorming on the whiteboard

Brainstorming on the whiteboard

Then we discussed about the game process. It was really fun but it turns out that we had too many ideas it might make this game complicated. In the end we deleted some ideas.

First of all, I brainstormed with two marketing specialists from marketing team.

Our first wireframe

Our first wireframe


Then I made this wireframe according to what we discussed, in this process we also defined the copy writing. I did some iterations during the process.


I designed mockups, which follow the Style Guide of resumegenius.com. And also drew some illustrations for this game. I also define the look and feel with marketing team.


After everyone was all satisfied with my design solution, I passed it to our full-stack developer to realize the game. Finally we launched the game and started to collect game results.


What was challenging?

In the beginning, we discussed about which size of the game to use. As a designer, I suggest to make it a external page so that users won’t got distracted while they were playing the game. But the marketing team members wanted to embed it on our blog articles to help drive traffics which is very reasonable. So I agree with them.


The Result

The Director of Marketing on this project told me that this project was a big success because this is what is known as evergreen content, which means it will continue to bring traffic to our website long after the project has ended. This game also got a lot of attention on social media. Search for "6 second challenge” on Google and you will find plenty of links to this game!



If I had more time for this game, I would love to make it more mobile-friendly.


Infographic for results

After 10,000 users played this game, I made this infographic to show the result of this game and also give advice for resume building.

Infographic For Game Result

Infographic For Game Result



Thank you for reading.