Barclayloan - web page redesign




My mission was to redesign a single web page.


Step 1 - UX Persona

First I made a persona in order to imagine who I am designing for.

First I made a persona in order to imagine who I am designing for.


Step 2 - Evaluate current design

Before I started the redesign of specific components I took a look at the page to identify improvement possibilities.

There are a lot of info on one page and everything wrapped in very different looking elements, so there is a danger that people don't scroll because they think the content beneath the calculator doesn't belong to the process.

I think it's more urgent to bring the content a right form and order, so that similar things stand together. It's just really chaotic at the moment. The user will have to actively and consciously scroll through the page, it lacks clarity. So it's not seamless and easy and he might have problem to get his main task done: Getting an offer. So I think it's more important to handle this before getting into details.

Additional thoughts:

If user wants to borrow 2.000 pounds for a car and pay it back within one year, it's not a big deal, user can just go through the online process. If user wants money for a home of 50.000 pounds which he will pay back at a longer term, user might want more help, like a concrete person in the bank to talk to before actually closing the contract.



Step 3 - Start to design!

I kept the slider because I think it’s very intuitive and easy for user to start.


First, user'll see the first step of the application – a self-checklist that tells the user what she / he needs to apply. I split the process into different steps to make it easier to understand, with clear call to actions.


Second, the Personal information is gathered with a comprehensive form asking for the contact details and agreement checkbox.

Thank you for reading.