Barclayloan - Website Redesign

Berlin, August, 2017 | personal project



Redesign a single page of Barclayloan website


Before I started the redesign of specific components I took a look at the overall page to identify possible areas for  improvement.

My immediate observations are that there is a lot of info on the one page and there is a lot of inconsistency in the use of different elements. There is a danger that people do not scroll because they think the content beneath the calculator doesn't belong to the process.

I think the most urgent change would be to restructure the content, grouping similar elements so that they sit together. Currently, the structure is chaotic and therefore confusing for the users. The user would have to actively and consciously scroll through the entire page to understand it's purpose. It is neither a seamless nor an enjoyable experience and they might fail to get the most important task done: Getting a quote. So, I think it's more important to handle this before getting into finer details.



I have kept the slider because I think it’s very intuitive and makes it easy for the user to get started.

To start the process, the user will first a checklist of the criteria needed to be eligible. I split the process into different steps to make it easier to understand, with clearer call to actions.

Next, the application's personal information is collected using a form that I've redesigned to make it as simple as possible for the user to quickly complete.


Thank you for reading.