Smava -  Credit Advisory Dashboard Redesign

Berlin, January, 2018 | @smava GmbH | real project



I worked on this project as a UX Designer for Smava, Germany's leading loan portal making personal loans transparent, fair, and affordable for consumers.



This is an internal tool for credit advisors in Smava. The goal of this tool is to help credit advisors and customer service employee to:

  • visualize applicant data
  • visualize brokerage data
  • create and optimize loan offers
  • communicate with the customer



Maximize the efficiency of the credit advisory team.

Remove repetitive manual work.

Improve advisor quality by eliminating human mistakes through automation.

Leverage data and information to provide unique recommendations to the customer.

Create a completely new and fully integrated front-end that is working with a standardized sales process and communication flow.

Need a better visual hierarchy.




Poor use of information hierarchy and color made this page hard to use. I was tasked with redesigning it.


My design solution

casi cover.png



Thank you for reading.