Homey Hostel - Responsive Web Design

Taipei, 2015-2016 | freelance project



Homey Hostel is a popular backpacker accommodation in Taipei City. I met the owner long time ago because I needed to borrow a place to take shower. He was very kind to let me and my roommate use the shower room in hostel for free. We keep in touch until today.


My role

I was the lead designer of this project.



The client contacted me desiring a complete redesign of their existing website. As an avid traveler myself, and having stayed in many backpacker hostels throughout Europe and Asia, I was particularly attracted to this project. 

I worked closely with client to define requirements. I created responsive UI design layouts for desktops and mobile browsers also built style guidelines to maintain consistency and unified feel for client's products


Design Process

In the beginning, my client wasn’t so sure about what to include in this website. So I asked him many question such as:

  • What makes your hostel different from other hostels?

  • What makes your company remarkable?

  • What do you want your site to accomplish?

  • Who are your competitors?

  • What features do you want your website to have?


After discussing with him, we defined that the goal of the project was to improve online booking revenues while also more effectively representing the high quality, homey ,and friendly atmosphere of the hostel.

The first step in this project involved the creation of a general set of wireframes to assist client in better understanding the correlation between user experience and booking conversions. 

The next step involved the creation of responsive user interface designs, followed by close collaboration with the website’s developer to ensure accurate integration of the design and its style guide.




Landing page

Checkout Form

Career page

Homey village



A few weeks after we launched the redesigned website the client reported that their booking conversion rates had increased from 1% to 3%. The client asked some travelers why they chose to stay at Homey Hostel, and some of them replied that it was because “the website is beautiful, we can feel the owner’s attentiveness.