HR Tool - Landing Page and Flow Design

Berlin, 2017 | personal project



Recruito is an online tool that allows recruiters to find the best candidates for their company, by streamlining the hiring process from posting a job to managing candidates until the position is filled.


My role

I was the lead designer of this project.



Design a landing page for Recruito



Before I started to design, I did some research the most popular recruiting platforms and viewed their language pages and analyzed what they have in common to assume that it has a good effect on the visitors. Then I started to wireframe it and designed the mockup.



r landing page.png

Hiring Flow

To better understand how the day of a typical hiring manager looks, I interviewed a hiring manager, the results listed below:

  1. Receiving many applications

  2. Reviewing if the candidates are qualified or not

  3. Having the first contact with the candidates by email

  4. Scheduling a screening interview with the candidates and asking for the expecting salary and starting date

  5. Forwarding the qualified candidates to the hiring manager

  6. Hiring manager selects some candidates

  7. Getting the hiring managers schedule

  8. Writing email to the selected candidates to make an interview time

  9. Hiring manager is giving feedback about whom to hire

  10. Sending an job offer to the candidate


Q: What are your tasks when you receive applications and which tools do you use?

After receiving the application, I am doing the screening. I will forward the application to the responsible hiring manager then. I usually send an email but if I do not get a response, I will print the documents and search the face to face conversation. I usually use Google Sheets to write down notes, comments and feedback about the candidate. Our hiring manager usually uses Googles Docs to share documents. At my company, we also have an own developed software called ECL. The search function doesn't work well but the calendar is easy to look up a monthly schedule. Some hiring managers want to meet the candidates directly and do not want hiring manager to get involved. I will only do interviews when the hiring manager requests.




Thank you for reading.