Pass2U Checkout - Mobile + Tablet App Design

Taipei, 2014-2015 | @MicroMacro Mobile Inc. | real project



Pass2U checkout app is designed for merchants who are using the Pass2U platform to distribute their electronic tickets to customers. The merchants can use this app to redeem the tickets. The users can use Pass2U Wallet to collect their tickets.


My role

I was the lead designer of this project.


My Mission

I had to redesign this app to improve the look and feel as well as providing an optimized version for tablets as well as to concept the design for new functionalities. I was the only designer for this project an collaborated with the project manager and the developers.


Design Process

Based on the existing app I have created a user flow chart and developed new wireframes to improve the interface as well as to add the new features. While creating mockups I also prepared all assets and design specifications for the iOS and Android developers to implement my solutions.


User Flow

User Flow



The client used our Pass2U Checkout App for redeeming tickets in an event.



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