Redesigning Career Page

Berlin, 2018 | @Blinkist GmbH | personal project



We believe that joining Blinkist team truly means becoming a part of a friendly environment, where every member can grow, find support, be challenged and get a fair reward for the effort. Our great Glassdoor score proudly confirms that fact. Sadly our Career page doesn’t fully represent how amazing our company is. The page lacks a clear structure and it’s difficult to pick out the most important information from a very text heavy format.


My role

I was the lead designer of this project.




  1. The page lacks a clear structure
  2. It’s difficult to pick out the most important information from a very text heavy format.










First of all, in order to understand users' thoughts about careers page, I asked eight people the question below:

When you are on a company’s careers page, what are the important factors in helping you decide to apply?


Insights from users:


“First of all, I need to like the company itself, no matter what their website is like. I need to see that they don't have rigid hierarchies and that they work in a modern way, and that UX is really part of the company culture, not only something they need to do because everybody does it now. Maybe I use their products myself, that's the most reliable way. Also, you see that job descriptions in most cases are not written well at all.”

“If they have a product that I find well-designed or a product that I can see myself using.”

“First I search for open positions and then the keyword “marketing”. It’s also important that you feel you could learn something there.”

“Probably whether their product looks interesting to me and also if the job description matches what I would like to do.”

“The general vibe they give, if they have good tech, if the team doesn't look too nerdy, the location of the office, and also the values that they show”

“If it looks fun and the people sound nice, and if it’s a progressive company.”

“Typically, recruiters reach out to me.”

“Usually, it is the product I’m looking to learn about … and that the company vision matches my assumptions.”



Based on the user research results, I discovered that we can classified users into two distinct personas. 


Keeping these two personas in mind, my hypothesis would be that the following updated page structure would result in a higher percentage of visitors applying for jobs.


Before vs After


Thank you for reading.