Redesigning the smava Homepage

Berlin, 2018 | @smava GmbH | real project



I worked as a UX Designer for Smava, Germany's leading loan portal making personal loans transparent, fair, and affordable for consumers.


My role

I was the lead designer of this project.


According to the data from Kissmetrics and Hotjar, we were seeing over 75% of users drop out on the smava homepage.






We had a kick-off and brainstorming session. We gathered a lot of inputs from the participants.



  1. Awkwardly long list with no option for manual input on smartphones
  2. Some loan types are not well-known and there are no explanations for them
  3. The dropdown menu is not user friendly - x Months = y Years missing, no preview of possible rates -> add an approximate remaining duration
  4. Redundant messages everywhere. For example: we mentioned 'kostenlos' four times and 'unverbindlich' three times
  5. Links on the menu look overcrowded







Users don't feel confident or convinced enough to continue to the next step.


Insights from customers:


"He looks like he’s trying to sell me something, I don’t trust that."


"I thought Smava was a loan bank, not a comparison site."


"I didn’t want to request offers from too many banks because I’ve heard this impacts your Schufa-rating."


"I like doing things digitally, but always still having the option to call someone on the phone."




  1. After users land on this page, they can continue the process easily. If they are not yet confident enough, they can scroll down the page to see more details.
  2. Reduced the width of the three input fields, so users can see the 'possible rate' is changing as they change the inputs.
  3. We included the three main steps to give users see an idea of what to expect before starting
  4. We made it clear that we are not a bank,  instead we provide a single place to search all bank loans.
  5. We highlighted what makes smava different: best rate / free of charge and not binding / data safety / Schufaneutral (no impact on credit score).
  6. User interviews flagged that many people thought 'Schufaneutral' = 'Schufafrei'; also, some users worried that requesting quotes from too many banks would impact their Schufa rating. We clarified the term Schufaneutral by saying: 'The smava loan comparison has no negative impact on your Schufa score.'
  7. On the next section we showed users the testimonials and trust logos to provide reassurance.
  8. In the FAQ section we collected the most frequently asked questions and shortened the answers so users wouldn't have to spend too much time reading them.


According to VWO with 13K+ visitors, the new homepage design has shown to have 32.39% better conversion rate than the old one. So, we decided to roll out to the new homepage design to 100% of users immediately, skipping the usual A/B testing.





Thank you for reading.