Smava Hackathon Project - Better Registration Route

Berlin, 2017 | @smava GmbH



 Our team quote on our Hip Chat group. 😉

Our team quote on our Hip Chat group. 😉

Smava hosted an in-house Hackathon from November 9th - 11th, 2017. I teamed up with four other colleagues. Our goal was to design a better registration funnel experience. We completed our project within 2.5 days and we won the FIRST prize among seven teams.


My team

my team.jpg
  • Ting-Yin (Me) - UX Designer, from Taiwan
  • Frederik - User Researcher, from Germany
  • Dusan - Front-end Developer, from Serbia
  • David - Front-end Developer, from Spain
  • Sedat - Back-end Developer, from Turkey


Problem that we want to solve

The registration flow of is painful, throwing you at least 75 separate questions. The users are also dropped onto the form with almost zero guidance and with no feedback until they get to the end of the process.



We want to guide and help the user from the first interaction to the success completion. We will achieve it by making suggestions and reducing the amount of input fields to help ensure the user continues through to the end.

The registration flow is the only entry point to our services, and as such, must make it as smooth and as painless as possible. Our users must feel that we have their best interests at heart. We can do this by providing hints for them to get the 'best' offers based on their individual needs.



We brainstormed together and prioritized our ideas.



  1. Design
  2. Small Usability Test
  3. Implementing

Original landing page - lots of colors and call-to-actions, user don't know where to look at.

Registration is a painful process, it throws you 75 questions (if you’re lucky), user is completely abandoned into the form with almost no information about what it’s going on and without response until he reaches the end.


Features in detail

  • Introduced the new company look and feel
  • Natural Language Form Interface
  • Illustrations change depending on the purpose
  • One clear Call-to-Action
  • User-focused USPs above the fold

Features in detail

  • Always display the user's main loan criteria and allow them to change it at any time
  • Reduce funnel drop-out by only asking for PID once there is clear user benefit
  • Persistent and floating chat bubble
  • Provide an interest-rate filter option and visible accuracy rating
  • Dynamic offer list with quick updates
  • Adaptive question flow that elimates redundant questions based upon the remaining, quoting banks

Features in detail

  • Inline validation for input fields with motivating success message
  • Autocomplete address and display a map for the address

Features in detail

  • Only asking for personal data when there is end-user benefit
  • Autocomplete car brand and model
  • Easy bank account input with preview

What was the most challenging about this project?

Time pressure. We only had 2.5 days and we wanted to deliver our best result. But there is a saying, 'Creativity comes from constraint.' I totally agree with it.



We won the FIRST prize among seven teams. 🎉





Thank you for reading.