Streat - Product Design


Taipei, 2013 | workshop project at NTUST | Co-designer: Balint Gabor



STREAT was created during a week-long workshop in Taipei, working together with international student Gabor, under the supervision of Jeremy Lin. The theme of the workshop was "Breaking Cultural Shock", where we looked at differences between cultural norms and the way we experience new environments.



STREAT is a street food bowl that acts as a frame for your meal. The trend of photographing your food reaches all over the globe, yet the most delicious street food is often served in unflattering packaging. Our solution is a flat pack bowl with a little handle, it fits most food types. The dish has a season and location specific artwork printed on it, promoting the local art scene. This way when you experience food in a new exotic location, you can also get a glimpse of the local artistic styles. The handle can be torn off, and collected as a souvenir.