Tippin - Mobile App Design

Hamburg, 2017 | personal project



This is a concept design for an app for reviewing the service provided by restaurant servers. The problem I want to solve is that there are many ways to rate and review restaurants but these are not focused on evaluating individuals servers.


Design an experience where diners can submit positive comments and constructive suggestions for the wait staff, and servers can use this feedback to both improve and help to secure new employment.


As a foodie, I have a lot experience eating in restaurants so I can imagine the process to review the wait staff with an app. I also love to leave reviews to share my experience with others. I think it’s a very great idea for wait staff to have feedback from guests. They can improve their service and their profile can help them to land their next job.

At first, I brainstormed lots of scenarios based on my experience. The first idea that came in my mind was that user first check-in and then they can see all the wait staff photos. User can select which staff he wants to review. After it, they can receive a reward but why should restaurants want to give away the reward to customers who evaluate their staff? What if there are many waiters, so it’s hard to find the correct one? What about if the staff doesn’t want to show their photos on a public platform? Why user don’t leave the comment about the staff directly on Yelp or Google?

I also thought about what if the user wants to leave the review later, when they are no longer at the restaurant? I thought of having a code or QR code on the receipt. When the user scan the QR code, the app will directly show the staff who has provided the receipt so we can make sure that the reviewer has been a guest at this restaurant. A good questions was, what if the wait staff only wants to receive good reviews and stops to help the other staff?

Because I want to create a win-win situation that waiters can have their individual profile and the company can be known as a good place with good service, an idea came to mind - I want to create a LinkedIn or Jameda for wait staff so companies would love to have a profile on this platform. When people want to search for a good service restaurant they can find it with this app as well. The wait staff can also have an individual profile, so they can collect feedback from customers which could help them to land a new job in the future. The platform should be totally free and only the staff can create a staff profile, not the company.

 These are my wireframes during brainstorming

These are my wireframes during brainstorming

 These are my wireframes during brainstorming

These are my wireframes during brainstorming


To prove my idea I decided to make a survey with the goal to get answers to the following questions:

  1. People’s motivations to rate restaurants.

  2. How people prioritize service compared to food and restaurant atmosphere.

  3. What kind of wait staff people like when they are eating in a restaurant.


Survey results


After 12 people had completed my survey, I got some interesting results.

  1. Most people use Google to rate restaurants.

  2. The main reason why people rate restaurants is because they want to share their experience to help others, also to give restaurants some feedback so restaurants know how to improve.

  3. The motivation for them is either they feel very happy or very mad about their experience.

  4. Food is the most important, service is second. But if the service is too bad, the food won’t feel that good anymore. Good food is the only reason why they would revisit.

  5. For people it is most important that the staff is proactive.


To give myself a better picture of the process, I created two user stories.

 Scenario 1

Scenario 1

 Scenario 2

Scenario 2


I transformed my vision for this app into wireframes. I also did some competitor analysis  (Google / Linkedin / Couchsurfing / Yelp / Swarm / TripAdvisor / Foursquare) at the same time.


After creating the user flow I started to design a simple branding for this app. First I tried out some colors and I decided to choose three main colors for this app. After that, I transferred my wireframes into mockups by Sketch.



To bring the design alive through interactions and animations, I used Principle. During the process, I found a couple of mistakes that I made on wireframes and user flow, so I went back to edit them.

Splash + Social login

Rating process



If I would have more time on this project, I would love to create a separate app for the wait staff and restaurants as well as to have a MVP (minimum viable product) to show it to other people to test my ideas and collect feedback.



I am looking for developers to realize the App with me!


Thank you for reading.