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Taipei, 2016-2017 | @Vynca Inc. | real project



I worked on this project while I was working at Vynca as a Lead Designer. Vynca is a healthcare technology company based in Palo Alto, CA. The mission is to improve care delivery at the end of life. Vynca has roots in the Stanford Program in Biodesign. For more information, please visit vyncahealth.com.


What is POLST?

POLST is a standardized form that clearly states what level of medical treatment a patient wants during serious illness or toward the end of life. POLST gives seriously ill patients more control over their treatment and also helps them talk with their health care team and loved ones about their choices.



The current POLST forms are all embedded in the hospital epic system providing a bad user experience.








The goal of Vynca ePOLST is to provide an electronic version of the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment, commonly known as POLST, which will assist health care systems in more accurately recording and accessing the wishes of patients who are nearing the end of life.





Before I joined Vynca, they only had a first prototype which had been built by the engineers.



Design Process

 The work flow in Californian hospitals

The work flow in Californian hospitals




The first step was to understand the general workflow in hospitals as well as to understand the different roles of hospital staff who have to deal with patients and POLST. 



Style Guide

Style Guide.jpg

Smart Form






What was important?

Users are the doctors and healthcare staff who are usually not particularly 'techy'. They do not have so much time learn new usage concepts. I think the most important thing is to make the product as easy as possible to understand by using concepts they are already familiar with.


What Was challenging?

Instead of focussing on first getting the product ready to launch, the team came up with a lot new ideas for the future and wanted to see design concepts from me without giving me time to research and understand the goal. I had to convince the team of my concerns and to get them to focus on our key features first, to be able to launch the product with the best possible experience for the existing features.



Samaritan Health Services, a five hospital health system in Oregon, went live with Vynca ePOLST in February 2017.






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