About Me

My name is Ivy. I am a Product (UX/UI) Designer. I deliver aesthetically pleasing yet pragmatic solutions quickly and efficiently to a high level of quality.

I am currently living in Berlin and working for a start-up Fin-Tech company. In my spare time, I love exploring the world and having new life experiences.

Previously, I was a UI/UX Designer at Vynca where I was designing a comprehensive solution for Advance Care Planning for American hospitals.

Before that, I worked at Taroko on designing several SaaS products including ResumeGeniusLegalTemplatesResumeCompanion, and FreelanceWriting.

I have also worked on many mobile apps for iOS and Android, including Pass2U Wallet and Pass2U Checkout, as well as Freedi YT Player.

My freelance projects include CakeResumeHomeyHostel, Nodeboost, and Atlas17.


My CV can be found here.

You can see more of my work on dribbble.

You can contact me best by e-mail.


You can also find me on:


My Design Process

First, understand the problem, business goals, user pain points, and the target audience profile.

Next, explore possible solutions by brainstorming, sketching, developing wireframes, and prototyping.

Last but not the least, iterate on the interaction and interface designs. Use stakeholder and user feedback in combination with quantitative and qualitative data, to further perfect the designs.


My Favorite Quotes

In the digital age, UX design is crucial. It determines how easy an app or site is to use and how well it aligns with customers’ wishes and demands.

- UX strategy by Jaime Levy


Personality is a mystical power that attracts some people and distinguishes us from the other.

- Designing for Emotion by Arron Walter


To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.

- Giorgio Armani